Yoruba Bridal Engagement List of Items


Suggested Bridal Engagement Gifts for those having their engagement outside of Yorubaland who are Christians or Muslim. This list does NOT contain alcoholic beverages as this is against the beliefs. Dollar amount was put on the fee amount, you can convert that to whatever currency you use. You can increase or decrease the amount, that will be between the groom and the bride.


 The Dowry is the monetary gift paid by the groom to have his bride. It is usually a token to show appreciation for having her hand in marriage.

Other gift items are the following:

  • Suitcase of assorted traditional outfits
    • 2 headties
    • 2 sets of complete lace
    • 1 set of complete aso-oke
    • 2 pairs of shoe and bag
    • 1 set of gold necklace
    • 1 gold wrist watch
  • Bible/Quran – depending on the religion
  • 1 Big Jar of Vegetable/Olive Oil
  • 1 Large Bag of Salt
  • 12 Tubers of Yam
  • 12 Whole Stock Fish
  • 2 Baskets of Assorted Fresh Fruits (edible arrangements is good)
  • 1 Large Bottle of Honey
  • 4 cases of 6/pack of Apple Cider
  • 2 cases of 24/pack of Malt
  • 8 packs of 24/pack of Assorted Soda/Pop drinks
  • 4 packs of Assorted Cookies
  • 8 packs of 10/pack of Capri Sun
  • 4 packs of 24/pack bottled water

The Fees in my opinion should be optional. In most cases when the ceremony is done abroad, these fees are not practiced. When they are paid, the money normally should go to the bride. It’s all the formalities of the tradition.

  • Knocking of the Door Fee $25
  • Opening of Gift Fee $25
  • Reading of the Letters $25
  • Bride’s Sitting Fee  $50
  • Unveiling-the-bride Fee $50
  • Mother’s Acceptance Fee $100
  • Father’s Acceptance Fee $100
  • Cell-Phone Communication Fee $50
  • Household Male Children $50
  • Household Female Children $50
  • Elders’ Sitting Fee $100

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